Dpc Card

DPC, acronym for Decanter Process Controller, is the electronic card designed, built and programmed from CBB Decanter s.r.l. for the management and control of separation process of 2 or 3 phases contained in a product of wastewater and/or industrial and/or food origin through the decanter.

Entirely programmed in Assembly language, it optimizes at the best the process of separation checking and managing all the variables that affected the process and possible alarms. In this way, it allows to work automatically and with security taking maximum advantages of all potentiality of CBB decanter.

Inside, there is the know-how of a twenty-year experience in the processes of sludge separation that allows us to satisfy the most of the requests and of necessities of the customer. Moreover, it is able to converse with other electronic cards (PLC, PC…) through Modbus protocol.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF DPC (Decanter Process Controller)

Dpc (Decanter Process Controller

DPC is a very flexible electronic card and in the specific it is able to manage:

  • Bowl speed;
  • Screw speed;
  • Differential speed screw/belt;
  • Hydraulic pressure;
  • Electrical motors absorption;
  • Levels and oil temperature;
  • Bearings temperature;
  • Vibration level;
  • Bearing greasing;
  • Hydraulic pump;
  • Decanter status;
  • Work mode;
  • Alarms;
  • Starting phase;
  • Working phase;
  • Washing phase;
  • Automatic regulation of sludge and polymer pumps;
  • Sludge and polymer capacity;
  • Sludge preparation tank;
  • Polymer preparation tank;
  • Sludge evacuation screw;
  • communication with Modbus RS-485 or TCP/IP protocol;
  • Remote assistance;
  • Touch screen;
  • Possible customer questions;


  • DPC Card
  • Personalized Dpc Card
  • Dpc Card Protocols
  • Dpc card of the future

Il Dpc Controller

CBB Decanter decided to use a customer card, named DPC (Decanter Process Controller), specifically studied and designed for the management of its machines and of the respective sludge dehydration plant. Choice has been valued for optimization of the performances and, at the same time, to be more competitive on market. Our experience led us to create a well-advanced electronic, maximizing for our machines, developing a hardware and software that allow a precise work and a searching for the best solution to obtain the best result.

The heart of our DPC is managed by two microprocessors of ST-Microelectronics, programmed in Assembly language to obtain the maximum speed on calculation and in the exchange of analog-digital signals.

Personalized Dpc Card

DPC allows to satisfy entirely our needs and above all customer necessities, without recalling on the use of possible additional convertors in order to make converse the different sensors and serve commands installed in the machine (Decanter).

Management software, as said, is unique and has no equals. It is been invented specifically for our DPC and so allows to manage the different apparatus in an excellent way, without compromises.

Obviously our DPC does not consent to control only the decanter, it also gives the possibility to manage the entire sludge dehydration plant, sludge pumps, polymer pumps, screw, washing electro valves, level sensors ON-OFF or ultrasound sensors (4-20 mA), flow meters, vibration sensors, temperature probes and everything else the plant may need.

I protocolli del Dpc Controller

Interface with the “outside” world (PLC, PC, SCADA…) has been realized through protocol of communication ModBus because in industrial automation field it is the most used and it is not covered by royalties. Obviously it is possible to communicate with other protocols through convertors that are in commerce or directly produced by us.

Moreover, remote control part cannot miss. Through this remote control a diagnosis is possible, parameters can be modified and the entire software can be updated.

Il Dpc Controller del futuro

Our company, always in evolution, after deepened studies and researches, is also elaborating a new electronic card of 6th generation (see picture), already in the works, always equipped of microprocessor of ST-Microelectronics series ARM 32 bit.

The new card will take us to enhance and optimize even more the management of the centrifuge and its system through automation and advanced algorithms, which will be able to improve their productivity and simplify their use and management.

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